2017 VUAA Award Winners
Each fall during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, the Valparaiso University Alumni Association recognizes alumni who have made notable contributions to society and the University. Valparaiso University granted its first alumni awards in 1958, establishing a Valpo tradition of recognizing the great work our alumni continue to do after graduation. These alumni exemplify Valpo’s core values in professional and service roles, and we are proud to count them among our numbers.

2017 Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award

Robert Bryant ’85

Alumni Achievement Award
Kathryn Kleinhans ’80
Susan Spaeth ’85

Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Christine Laning ’07 Uptain
Benjeman Nichols ’99 (awarded in 2016; to receive in 2017)

Alumni Service Award
Kathryn Wernicke ’72 Baerwald
Victoria Flood ’92
Dot Allwardt ’60 Nuechterlein

Alumni Community Service Award
Kenneth Bailey ’59
Walter DeMoss ’64
Philip Hahn ’71, ’75 MALS
Anton Lutz ’03

Nominations for 2018 alumni awards are now closed. 

Selection Process

The Valparaiso University Alumni Association solicits nominations for the awards from all alumni, former award recipients, and other members of the University community. An alumni award committee comprised of the VUAA Board of Directors reviews the materials submitted for each candidate and selects nominees whose achievements fit the category for which they have been nominated and who are deemed most deserving of recognition. The names of those selected are then recommended to the Association’s Board of Directors and the University president for action.

The deliberations of the awards committee and the board are kept confidential. Those individuals chosen to receive awards will be honored during the Homecoming and Reunion Weekend worship service or at another appropriate time.

Alumni enrolled at or employed by the University and voting members of the University’s Board of Directors and the Association’s Board of Directors are not eligible.

Nominations may be submitted electronically or by mail (see below). Your nomination should include:   

  • A completed nomination form with your name and address and that of your nominee and her or his supporters.
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae or resume (if available and appropriate), plus any other information you feel will be relevant to the committee's decision.
  • Letters of support (optional) from others who know your nominee and of her or his accomplishments (see below for more information).

Letters of Support
Additional references can be an integral part of the nomination process. If you desire, you may have two other individuals provide letters of support. You can either provide the letters with your nomination packet or make certain that supporters send their letters directly to the Valparaiso University Alumni Association address below. Letters that comment knowledgeably about the individual’s specific achievements are the most important and helpful. Possible contacts include professional colleagues and fellow volunteers, former students, former classmates, and friends. Please share the criteria for the awards and the suggestions listed below with those writing letters in support of your nominee.

Supporters should answer the same basic questions:


  1. What is your relationship to the candidate, and how have you gained your knowledge of her or his accomplishments?
  2. Which of your candidate’s achievements fulfill the criteria for one of the Valparaiso University Alumni Association awards?
  3. What impact has your candidate had on the profession, service, or community in which he/she has been active? In general terms, please explain the impact of the candidate’s work.
  4. Do you know what relationship the individual has maintained with the University, its faculty, students, or other alumni since graduation?
  5. Has your candidate’s work had an influence on the broader community beyond her or his own sphere of vocational or volunteer achievement?
  6. Why is this an appropriate time for the individual’s achievements to be recognized?

Submitting Your Nominations

Nominations forms (required) and other supporting materials (recommended) may be submitted electronically or by mail.

VUAA Award Committee
Loke Hall
Valparaiso University
1100 Campus Drive South
Valparaiso, IN 46383


The online Nomination Form will be available in December 2018. Click here for a downloadable version of the Nomination Form. Please note that "The First Decade Achievement Award" is not listed on the paper form, however, just write in the name of the award and complete as usual.

Nominations must remain confidential. Please do not inform candidates that they have been nominated, since only a limited number of awards are presented each year.

Have questions?
Alumni Engagement
Tel: 219.464.5142
Fax: 219.464.5467
Email: alumni@valpo.edu 

The VUAA recognizes alumni in seven different areas of achievement.

The Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award is the highest distinction the alumni association can bestow. This award honors alumni who have enhanced the prestige of the University by virtue of their character, integrity, and nationally recognized personal accomplishments.

The Alumni Achievement Award
honors alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their chosen career or area of professional life.

The Outstanding Young Alumnus/Alumna Award honors alumni, under the age of 40, who have enhanced the prestige of the University by virtue of their character, integrity, and personal accomplishments.

The First Decade Achievement Award honors an alumnus/alumna for outstanding professional achievement, community service, and or service to the University during the first decade following the completion of his/her undergraduate degree. Alumni are eligible for this award in their 10th reunion year. (NEW AWARD STARTING IN 2018)

The Alumni Service Award
recognizes alumni who have rendered outstanding service to the University.

The Partners in Service Award
honors individuals who have worked jointly to render significant service to the University, with at least one of the individuals being a Valparaiso University alumnus/alumna.

The Alumni Community Service Award honors alumni who have enhanced the prestige of the University by virtue of their character and integrity through outstanding service in their community, including religious, civic, or charitable organizations or programs, either local or national in scope and structure.

Honorary Alumni Membership
is granted to persons who are not alumni, but who exemplify the ideals of achievement and service in their association with the University.

1974 Rolland M. Wilkening
1975 Arnold G. Busse
1975 Robert D. Freier
1975 Louise F. Nicolay
1976 Richard W. Duesenberg
1976 Paul D. Schrage
1976 Lowell F. Thomas
1977 August H. Bernthal
1977 Carl T. Brighton
1977 Francis J. Householter
1977 Arnold C. Nuechterlein
1978 Paul W. Eggers
1978 Sharon L. King
1978 Reinhold P. Marxhausen
1978 Lawrence G. Regner
1979 William E. Dannemeyer
1979 Donald L. Feucht
1979 James F. Voss
1980 John A. Koepke
1981 Charles S. Brophy
1981 William J. Buhler
1981 Frank W. Chesrow
1981 Raymond L. Scherer
1982 Richard E. Beumer
1982 Gerhard M. Freche
1982 Henry C. Miller
1982 Walter F. Rogosheske
1982 Edmund A. Schroer
1983 Kathryn E. Baerwald
1983 Donald V. Fites
1983 Paul R. Seegers
1983 Edwin L. Zehnder
1984 Howard J. Claussen
1984 Theodore C. Eickhoff
1984 Lane B. Hoffman
1985 Arthur M. Clausing
1985 John E. Grunow
1985 Richard M. Kippen
1985 Charles F. Krause
1985 Alfred J. Pivarnik
1986 L. Barth Reller
1987 Frederick F. Jenny, Jr.
1988 Arthur F. Peterson
1988 Russell P. Schulz
1989 Louise D. Crooks
1989 Charles R. Vaughan
1990 Jill S. Long
1991 Paul A. Sieving
1991 William B. Wehrenberg
1992 Diana Schultz Beardsley
1993 Kenneth A. Francis
1994 Stephen P. Graef
1994 James W. Paul
1995 Ernst R. Berndt
1995 Lillian P. Mullin
1995 Richard W. Wienhorst
1996 Wayne H. Leupold
1996 Kenneth P. Ramming
1996 Marilyn J. Schmiege
1997 Lowell P. Hager
1997 Kathi P. Seifert
1999 Donald A. Becker
1999 Timothy C. Gau
1999 Richard D. Kauzlarich
2001 Kurt Kroenke
2002 Marilyn L. Haas
2002 Jacki L. Lyden
2004 Bill Steinbrecher
2006 Paula Groncy
2008 Stephen Furbacher
2009 John Golbeck
2009 Mark Wedel
2010 Christopher McDougle
2012 Joel Bussert
2013 Mark Marquardt
2015 Sandra Rosenthal
2015 Verne R. Schneider
2016 Roger Brauer
2016 Donald Feucht
2017 Robert Bryant
1982 H. Harry Henderson
1982 Dorothy Schoknecht
1982 Thomas Schutte
1982 Everett A. Sisson
1982 Victor C. Waldschmidt
1983 Charles H. Foelber
1983 Gordon W. Helms
1983 Gerald E. Pelzer
1983 Garry S. Puetz
1983 Kenneth O. Timm
1984 Richard W. Bimler
1984 Charlotte J. Kroemer
1984 Louis S. Morgal
1984 Rodney B. Poppe
1984 Wesley W. Ratliff, Jr.
1984 Kenneth W. Schreiber
1984 Fred A. Wittlinger
1985 Craig B. Anderson
1985 Robert K. Boknecht
1985 Raymond K. Bopp
1985 Phyllis N. Kersten
1985 Edward J. Kirk
1985 Gerhard W. Schottman
1985 James Wacker
1986 Marjorie J. Albohm
1986 Patricia Shook Boice
1986 Donald M. Luepke
1986 Carl J. Schuette
1987 G. Glen Ellis, Jr.
1987 Judy L. Hoshek
1987 Daniel P. Manka
1987 Dan P. McAdams
1987 Arthur T. Rasmussen
1988 Charles E. "Skip" Bird
1988 Eugene E. Brassfield
1988 Delores A. Woycik
1989 Carole M. Harder
1989 James Y.K. Moy
1990 William G. Conover
1990 Miriam L. Fretthold
1990 David C. Leege
1990 Charles B. Smerick
1990 Fred H. Wehrenberg
1991 Robert K. Duerr Jr.
1991 Harvey P. Grotrian
1991 Mary E. Junck
1991 Kenneth V. Meyer
1991 Charles A. Vandersee
1991 Eunice P. Weidner
1992 James L. Fitzpatrick
1992 Charles E. Neimier
1992 Peter Rucinski
1993 Robert P. Heyne
1993 Grant A. Krafft
1993 Lloyd G. McClendon
1993 Joel D. Mugge
1993 Darla J. Olberding
1993 Donald R. Soeken
1994 Lowell E. Baier
1994 William Harbeck
1994 Pamela K. Jensen
1994 Karl W. Mueller
1994 Richard W. Strefling
1994 Frederick C. Thurston
1995 Jobe J. Cerny
1995 Walter P. Helmke
1995 Fred Nagelbach
1995 T. Marshall Rousseau
1995 William F. Schroer
1995 Alfred L. Seib
1995 Judith O. Sherman
1995 E. Louise Williams
1996 Thomas Baerwald
1996 Robert G. Bryant
1996 Phillip T. DeLassus
1996 James W. Mueller
1996 Robert A. Schuneman
1997 Ronald E. Gother
1998 Heather L. Johnson
1998 Craig A. Wolfanger
1999 V. Patrice Kraus
1999 Joyce E. Lohrentz
1999 Linda J. Roettger
2000 Thomas Denig
2000 Ralph W. Johnson
2000 Nancy J. Paunicka
2000 Karen L. Soeken
2001 Robert D. Rucker
2002 Richard C. Gozon
2002 Rebecca R. Pallmeyer
2002 Richard E. Sering
2003 Gene H. Hennig
2003 Warren G. Hoger
2003 Kurt M. Senske
2004 David Kohlstedt
2004 Michael Swygert
2005 Stephen M. Buente
2005 Randy Carson
2005 Ruth M. Heinig
2005 Heidi A. Michelsen
2005 Richard A. Paul
2005 Larry W. Zimmerman
2006 John Draheim
2006 John Duxbury
2006 Jon Steinbrecher
2007 Linda Allen
2007 James Beyreis
2007 Duane Rabe
2008 John Hoehner
2008 Philip Leege
2009 Carsten Falkenberg
2009 Diana J. Leland
2010 Edythe Abdullah
2010 John Durkovic
2010 Maggie Harris
2010 Christopher Hunt
2010 Keith Kizer
2010 Micheal Rinehart
2011 Gregory Alles
2011 Arthur Burkman
2011 Sally Kohlstedt
2011 Cheryl Schrader
2012 Robert Dixon
2012 Andrew Herrmann
2012 Jeff Raday
2013 Shirley Dorow
2013 Christopher Koetke
2013 Harold Mobley
2013 Beverly Schultz
2013 Stuart Walesh
2014 Erik Hromadka
2014 Janet Schwartz
2015 Dale Ciciora (posthumous)
2015 Bryce Drew
2016 Paul Maechtle
2016 David Yamada
2017 Kathryn Kleinhans
2017 Susan Spaeth
2001 Robert G. Bryant
2001 Julie M. Meyer
2001 Meg C. Neal Mercer
2002 Amy L. Acton
2002 Kim A. Walesh
2004 Denise Casalino
2005 Loren Rullman
2005 Julia Stepenske
2005 Julie M. Winkler
2006 Christopher Brown
2006 Andrew Nunemaker
2007 Mikko Lipasti
2007 Scott Sanders
2008 Scott Drew
2008 Nick Skytland
2009 Patty Cisneros
2010 Samantha Ahuja
2010 Kimberly Brandt
2011 Katherine Dean
2011 Holly Messick
2012 Ginger Zuidgeest
2013 Jonathan Pasky
2014 Jumah Al-Mazrouie
2014 Joshua Lee
2015 Danielle Carrig
2016 Larry Mowry
2016 Benjeman Nichols
2017 Christine Uptain
1965 Albert F. Scribner
1966 Raymond L. Scherer
1967 Richard Pell
1968 Emory Bauer
1968 Paul H. Brandt
1968 Walter R. Schur
1969 James W. Chester
1970 Gilbert A. Krause
1970 Richard C. Oster
1971 George Beto
1971 John Bolgert
1971 Robert C. Moellering
1973 Julius Acker
1973 Louis A. Jacobs
1974 Paul G. Fleck
1974 William R. Tatman
1975 Bette A. Froehlich
1975 Norman Luekens
1975 Arthur D. Wellman
1976 Paul F. Nieter
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1979 Walter Christopher
1979 Jacqueline Jungemann
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1981 Joseph W. Bibler
1981 Robert H. Duesenberg
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1982 Burton O. Bosch
1982 Shirley M. Sauerman
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1984 Jerry P. Knippa
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1984 Glenn J. Tabor
1985 Dixon W. and Herta E. Benz
1985 Caroline Collings
1985 Philip A. Coote
1985 Stephen E. Gottschalk
1985 Henry G. and Shirley Jud
1985 Beatty R. Julien
1985 Daniel and Beverly Wick
1986 Clyde L. and Patricia A. Berger
1986 Walter J. Kretzmann
1986 James C. and Johanna E. McGill
1986 Dieter H. and Pamela S. Nickel
1987 Larry H. Franzen
1987 Al A. Meitz
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1987 Arthur Stamm Jr.
1987 Benjamin H. Vogler
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1987 Albert W. Zimmermann
1988 Wayne G. Flesch
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1989 Elizabeth L. Crofford
1989 Arnold Hilgenkamp
1989 Frederick G. Kraegel
1989 Phyllis Schuessler
1990 Janet E. Funk
1990 William R. Heerman
1990 Alan S. and Carolyn E. Morrisson
1990 Susan R. Steinbruecker
1990 Barbara A. Young
1991 Virginia E. Amling
1991 Gary A. Beu
1991 David J. and Martha Hessler
1991 Marilyn L. Krueger
1991 Nils Olaf Lindfors
1991 George H.C. Liu
1991 Howard M. Metzger
1991 Glenn and Gretchen A. Ocock
1991 Robert J. Stroebel
1992 August H. Bernthal
1992 Katharine M. Gerken
1992 George W. and Barbara M. McKissick
1992 Georgiana I. Schroeder
1992 Jon R. and Judy Schumacher
1993 John Krause
1993 Barbara J. Maas
1993 Martha Mattes
1993 Norma J. May
1993 Paula A. Sauer
1993 Robert B. Schuemann
1993 Sylvia A. Straub
1994 Judith A. Michaels
1994 George E. Neeley
1994 Susan L. Rosborough
1995 H. Jeffrey Dobbs
1995 Robert H. and Lorraine F. Duesenberg
1995 Josephine A. Ferguson
1995 L. Jane Lichtfuss
1995 John M. and Sandra A. Oelschlaeger
1995 Alan R. and Judith A. Pretzel
1995 Barbara E. Riethmeier
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2004 Karen Moseley
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2005 R. Razz Jenkins
2005 Thomas R. Marshall
2006 Russell Felten
2006 Sandra Kinsella
2007 Susan Dippold
2007 Janyce Duesenberg
2008 Charles Bischoff
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2011 Laura Brothers
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2011 Carolyn Hanes
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2011 Bruce Lindner
2011 Mike Rickman
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2012 Paul Jud
2013 Lewis (Posthumously) Bolitho
2013 Kenneth Kastman
2013 David Samber
2013 Eugene Schoon
2014 Linda Ertel
2014 Thomas Madden
2015 J.P. Avila
2015 Deb Evans
2015 David Hollenbeck
2015 Susan Zimmerman
2016 Kathryn Anderson (Hronec)
2016 Michael Van Beek
2017 Kathryn Baerwald
2017 Victoria Flood
2017 Dot Nuechterlein
2005 Stephen Jenny
2005 Ronald L. Millies
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2008 Diane Paetz
2008 Harriet Redman
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2010 Steven Heronemus
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2011 Michael Rehbein
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2014 Jill Schlueter-Kim
2014 Venice Williams
2015 Eugene Hennig
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2016 Paul Schreiner
2016 Corrine Vogel
2016 Roger Vogel
2017 Kenneth Bailey
2017 Walter DeMoss
2017 Philip Hahn
2017 Anton Lutz
1993 Richard J. and Carolyn R. Blum
1993 Ken and Anne L. Mangelsdorf
1993 William T. and Eunice E. Seeber
1994 Allen L. and Sue E. Burreson
1994 Ralph and Carla M. Ganswindt
1999 Kyle E. Clor
1999 Corliss Marowske
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2000 Bob E. and Luanne S. Beumer
2000 Paul W. & Dorothy Lange
2001 Robert P. and Karen E. Grossart
2001 Larry W. and Susan C. Zimmerman
2003 Kenneth C. and Marlene Rakow
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2007 Hank and Kathy Bardenhagen
2009 Martin and Deanna Stritof
2012 Edward and Hildred Tornberg
2013 Timothy and Leslie Paul
2015 Mark and Kathleen Helge
1958 O.P. Kretzmann
1959 Walter G. Friedrich
1960 John A. Sauerman
1961 Oliver R. Harms
1961 Frederick A. Reddel
1962 Sophia D. Heidbrink
1962 Karl H. Henrichs
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1964 Herman C. Hesse
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1965 M. Alfred Bichsel
1965 Frank Schwarz
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1979 Ellen E. Schnabel
1979 Robert V. Schnabel
1980 Holger G. Cattau
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1980 Harlan Hartner
1980 Karl E. Lutze
1980 Esther M. Lutze
1980 Arthur S. Malasto
1980 Armin C. Oldsen
1980 A. Clara and Spencer Werner
1981 Vincent V. Anderson
1981 Harold G. Bernthal
1981 Eleanor R. Koenig
1981 Betty Kretzmann
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1981 Willard A. and Leitha Richardson
1982 J. M. (Jacobi Melius) Christiansen
1982 Charles A. LaToza
1982 Priscilla E. Nagel
1982 Robert S. Teibel, Sr.
1983 Wilbur H. Hutchins
1983 Tom Lasorda
1983 Leo J. McAuliffe
1984 Philip K. Gehring
1984 David L. Litten
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1984 Irma K. Schmalz
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1986 Emil Jochum
1986 Russell H. & Lucille Lochmann
1986 Walter W. Stuenkel
1987 Doreen I. Gray
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1988 John H. Barcroft
1988 Vi Brelje
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1988 Martha E. Schmidt
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1989 J. Ron McLeod
1991 Frederick E. Schmid
1991 Barbara Wilson
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1993 Willis Boyd
1993 Carlos Messerli
1993 V. Hugo Schmidt
1993 John R. Steinbruck
1994 Hannah E. "Betsy" Bird
1995 Charles W. Dull
1995 Harley W. Snyder Jr.
1995 Charles P. Welter
1995 Donna D. Welter
1995 Wayne B. Welter
1996 Victor Freudenberg
1996 Henry and Laura Prahl
1997 David A. Kruse
1998 Harold Russert
2001 Frank Sullivan Jr.
2002 John Mason
2003 Thomas DeMik
2004 Clarence Hamann
2004 Robert Wennerstrom
2004 Robert Woiwod
2006 Lois Mitchum
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2008 Veronica Heckler
2008 Sandy Paukner
2010 Susan Bolitho
2011 Richard Baepler
2011 Dawn Rickman
2012 Raymond Clark
2012 Jerry Wagenblast
2015 Norm Amundsen
2015 Suman Das
O.P. Kretzmann Award
1982 Alfred R. Looman
1988 Arlene E. Laesch
1988 Robert Springsteen
1989 Fred W. Kruger
1989 Paul E. Thune
1990 Richard P. Koenig
1992 Melvin H.. Doering
1993 William V. Domke
1994 Max Nagel
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1999 Bette J. Galow
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2011 Albert Trost
2011 Ann Trost
2012 John Bernthal
2012 James Kingsland
2013 Gene Evans
2013 Daniel Hart
2013 Douglas Kocher
2013 Phyllis Schroeder
2014 Bruce Berner
2014 Barbara Gaebel-Morgan
2014 Sylvia Luekens
2014 Phyllis Schroeder
2015 Elise Alverson
2015 Linda Whitton
2016 Mel Piehl